Autobahn - Film (OV/Original with Subtitles)

Title: Autobahn
Director: Daniel Abma
Runtime: 85 min.
Subtitle: English
Resolution: 1080p (20MBit)
Sound: AACStereo
Production company: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Genre: Documentary

Bad Oeynhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia is indeed internationally renowned as a spa town steeped in tradition - but not so much because of its thermal springs. Bad Oeyenhausen lies on the old trade route from Amsterdam via Berlin to Warsaw, which is still one of Europe's main transport routes today. Here in the spa town, of all places, a small stretch of motorway has been missing for 40 years. Florists from the Netherlands, craftsmen from Poland and German North Sea tourists - a total of 25,000 trucks and cars a day push their way through the town at 50 km/h and stop at the traffic lights in Bad Oeynhausen - the only one between Warsaw and Amsterdam. Kilometre-long traffic jams are the norm. Driving round? Impossible! You have to go through here....

When, after around 30 years of planning, work begins on building a motorway bypass around the spa town, all the residents of Bad Oeynhausen realise that this construction project will change their town forever. The documentary film AUTOBAHN uses endearing protagonists to show a picture of the town as it will never exist in this form again.

AUTOBAHN is a portrait of Germany, of the little person who has to comply, of bureaucracy, of major construction projects that are delayed and politics, and above all: a film about normal life.

  • Autobahn (English subtitles)

    1h 25m

    Bad Oeynhausen in Nordrhein.Westfalen ist als traditionsreicher Kurort tatsächlich international bekannt – doch weniger wegen der Thermalquellen. Bad Oeynhausen liegt auf der alten Handelsroute von Amsterdam über Berlin nach Warschau, die auch heute noch als eine der Hauptverkehrsadern Europas fu...

  • Autobahn (no subtitles)

    1h 25m